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Frequently Asked Questions II

What do you mean by native English speakers?

Did you know that the majority of term paper companies are located in Pakistan?  While the papers from these companies are inexpensive, the quality is often sub-par due to their unfamiliarity of the language.  As our writers were raised with English as their first language, this improves the quality of your paper through avoiding grade-harming grammatical mistakes.  Sentence fragments and grammatical mistakes make the difference between writing "a paper" and writing a professional paper.  We have too many clients to count who have come to us after having used one of these other services, needing emergency aid when the paper they received from our competitors was barely grammatically appropriate at a junior high school level. 

What do you mean that your president is accessible to me?

The owner, founder, and president of The Paper Experts is only a phone call away.  Marcelo, who has operated this service for almost 7 years, will speak to anyone who has a question or problem regarding their service.  He will make sure that a situation is addressed right away.  Just call our toll-free number and ask for him.  He will be happy to serve you.  He is also accessible by email at [email protected]

Why should I trust your company when other companies in your field have ripped me off?

Unfortunately, the research and reference service is a faceless business and it is rare when you meet your clients face-to-face.  The Paper Experts is different:  Not only do we have an office in downtown Toronto, we recognize that a satisfied client is a long-term investment.  Our goal is to have every client return many times over and we achieve this through personal contact in our office and over the phone.  If you shop around, you will find that our competitors often provide their services through nothing but a web site, with no phone, no address, and no other forms of contact information.  It is far too easy to be burned by a faceless company.

What do you mean by "I have to write my own paper"?  Aren't I paying you to write my paper for me?

No.  You are not buying a paper for submission purposes.  You are buying a model paper that is a perfect template for how your own completed paper should look when you turn it in.  We follow your requirements to achieve this goal, so what you purchase from us should be the ideal paper for your needs.  However, if you submit this paper as your own work, that would constitute copyright infringement and plagiarism.  You are free to write your paper however you wish, and you are free to cite our paper within your own bibliography.

Will the custom paper you write for me be available on

No, every customized paper we write is custom written, so if you decide to use an idea and quote us in your paper it will be seen as original work at  Rest assured that when you order a custom paper you get a brand new paper and not something recycled from anywhere else. 

Are the testimonials you display on the sites real?

Yes.  We receive countless testimonials every month from customers who have used our services.  There are even testimonials from students that have had problems with our services and were so highly satisfied with the speed and care through which we fixed their problems that they felt obliged to provide us with positive feedback!!!

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