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1. 19944 Comparing and Contrasting Two Articles on the Role of Women in the Pre- Islamic Period.

The status of women in early Islam is a concept that is covered by authors Barbara Fryer Stowasser in her article "The Status of Women in Early Islam" and Leila Ahmed in "Women and the Rise of Islam". These two articles differ significantly in terms of the role that women played within society during the development of Islam, despite the fact that both Stowasser and Ahmed address similar time periods and geographic regions. The views of these two authors are explored within this paper in order to better define the image of the woman in early Arabia.
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2. 524 The Islamic Faith.

For the purposes of this paper, I will focus on Western society's misconceptions about women in the Islamic faith. Much of the problem is derived from the fact that many questionable beliefs and practices concerning women in Middle Eastern cultures have been labeled "Muslim" or "Islam" without warranting those names. There are approximately 40 nations of the world which claim to have a Muslim population and therefore to be exemplary of "Muslim" or "Islamic" societies. Naturally, this results in a great deal of confusion as to which of these nations represents most faithfully the true "Islamic" society. Among Muslims, that question is most frequently answered by the claim that their own nation or region is the truest to the intentions of Allah.
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3. 864 The Belief of Islam

This paper discusses Islam and the issues facing the world today. "Islam is a complete way of life that covers all aspects of life, then every action, every situation, and every issue must have a specific answer from Islam. Many say that they seek help from the Kuffar. "Each action is distinct, and each one must be addressed in its specific context with its own Islamic ruling" (Tara's World 5). Some actions cannot be discussed in their religion. Islam has a political background. "The most politicized religion in the world. In part, this is because Islamic doctrine calls for strict regulation not only of religious customs but of social and political aspects of life as well" (Beckwith 997). It can be called racism when people equate Islam with terrorism. The Islamic World has approximately one billion people making up the majority of the population in over 40 states (Beckwith 997). Islam is different in each state. The question can be asked about what is the Islamic fundamentalism, extremism, and why do many Islamic believe in terrorism.
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  • Bibliography: 8 source(s) listed
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