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1. 2371 Human Rights in Asia.

This paper looks at human rights in Asia. This paper also looks at the relationship between human rights and international relations which has caused a dilemma in terms of sovereignty and international intervention. When an Asian country appears to violate a human right, does the international community have a right to step in? This is one of the key issues involved in the phenomenon of human rights in Asia. The need for an Asian organization that will engage in a regional protection of human rights is addressed. China and Japan will be examined in this paper as excellent examples of the dilemma of human rights in Asia. 27 pgs. 59 f/c. 35b.
  • Pages: 27
  • Bibliography: 35 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2371 Human Rights Asia.doc
  • Price: US$241.65

2. 2591 The Human Rights Issue in China.

This paper will look at the sensitive issue of human rights abuses in China. Since the process of globalization has also reached China, and if it wants to be considered a legitimate world power, it must take a positive step towards becoming a truly civilized country. Improving its human rights record must be one of its most important objectives. 10 pgs. 24 f/c. 6b.
  • Pages: 10
  • Bibliography: 6 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2591 Human Rights China.doc
  • Price: US$89.50

3. 3826 Entertainment Industry Contracts Involving Minors.

This ten-page undergraduate paper discusses the importance of engaging in a contract with a minor in the proper fashion, suggests certain steps that entertainment industry professionals and minors can take to protect themselves when negotiating contracts, and examines several legal cases involving minors in the music industry. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 10
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 3826 Entertainment Minors Contracts.doc
  • Price: US$89.50

4. 3848 Soldiers in the Abortion War: Teenage Pregnancies, Unwed Mothers, and the Fragmentation of Morality.

This paper addresses issues in the abortion conflict from a neutral standpoint. It compares the two factions - pro-choice and pro-life - and points out mistakes and inconsistencies in their techniques that do not accord with their stated ideals. Particularly important in this paper is the position of unwed mothers and pregnant teens as political devices for these warring groups. The paper argues that these individuals should be left alone to make their own decisions with the help of their family and community, and that abortion activists on either side of the issue should concentrate on education trying to have a dialogue with each other. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
  • Pages: 6
  • Bibliography: 6 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 3848 Teenage Abortion War.doc
  • Price: US$53.70

5. 3972 The Political System and its effects on Human Rights.

This paper will discuss the effects that a political system has on the human rights that a person may have. Also, an examination of country power to influence human rights on a global scale will be written about. The correlation between each entity will be discussed in relation to human rights as two papers/questions within one.4 pgs. No bibliography provided.
  • Pages: 4
  • Bibliography: 0 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 3972 Politics Human Rights.doc
  • Price: US$35.80

6. 9149 Human Rights.

This six-page undergraduate paper discusses whether human rights are a legitimate issue for one state to raise with another. If so the paper will argue how does reconcile the differences between state autonomy and universal rights. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 6
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9149 Human Rights.doc
  • Price: US$53.70

7. 9614 The Concept of Original Sin as presented by Saint Augustine-Plato.

This is an overview of the concept of original sin as applied to the contemporary debate of abortion. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
  • Pages: 6
  • Bibliography: 2 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9614 Concept Original Sin.doc
  • Price: US$53.70

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