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1. 1694 The Life and Work of W. Edwards Deming.

This paper will further elaborate the life and work of W. Edwards Deming. Primarily, the focus will be on the role he played in developing the paradigm of Total Quality Management, and on explaining just what Deming meant by Total Quality Management. After establishing this, a brief analysis of how his ideas have been, and can be, put to work will be provided. In the final analysis it will be clear that, given the outstanding growth of the Japanese economy in the post war period, Deming deserves a great deal of credit for helping shape the economy of the 20th, and probably the 21st, century. He must, on this basis, be considered one of the greatest contributors to social and economic advancement in our time. Deming's work continues to grow in application and importance after his death, and his legacy is still unfolding. The paper will conclude with a few remarks on what we might expect the US economy to look like as a result the increased adoption of Deming's ideas. 15 pgs. 21 f/c. 7b.
  • Pages: 15
  • Bibliography: 7 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 1694 W. Edwards Deming.doc
  • Price: US$134.25

2. 4357 Total Quality Management: It's relation to Project Management and Other Quality Standards.

This is a 25 page paper with 20 sources cited that compares TQM with other quality standards and presents it in the form of a research paper in MLA style. It also cites the case of FORD autos as TQM appliers. 25 pgs. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
  • Pages: 25
  • Bibliography: 20 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 4357 TQM Project Management.doc
  • Price: US$223.75

3. 8390 Leadership Styles.

This paper looks into the vital role of leadership in an organization and different styles of leadership. The success of the outcome and the productivity of the employees determine leadership effectiveness. Different styles are suitable in different situations and that has led to emergence of a more effective technique that embraces many approaches and is known as situation leadership. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
  • Pages: 12
  • Bibliography: 10 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 8390 Leadership Styles.doc
  • Price: US$107.40

4. 6714 Implementing TQM and ISO.

This is a 6-page paper in MLA style that explains the advantages of TQM implementation in organizations by also presenting the view of ISO 9000 and suggests that both are an integral part of the organization of the future. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
  • Pages: 6
  • Bibliography: 10 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 6714 Implementing TQM ISO.doc
  • Price: US$53.70

5. 5919 Manufacturing Awards: ISO 9000, The Baldridge Awards and the Deming Prize.

This is a 20-page paper in APA style that describes the implementation of TQM and manufacturing Awards within the organization and suggests its benefits and drawbacks as a necessity to improvement and productivity. 20 pgs. Bibliography lists 25 sources.
  • Pages: 20
  • Bibliography: 25 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 5919 Awards ISO 9000.doc
  • Price: US$179.00

6. 12124 Total Quality Management: Implementation, Barriers And Removal Of Obstacles.

This ten-page graduate level paper discusses the implementation of TQM and the barriers and obstacles that many companies encounter when introducing this system. it is important to understand that no system can be successfully implemented without brining appropriate changes in the company's culture and structure. Apart from changes in the culture, it is also vital to educate and train the employees regarding TQM because they play an important role in the success or failure of any new system. TQM focuses on sensing customers' needs and improving the company's operation techniques appropriately for complete satisfaction of those needs. The paper specifically addresses TQM implementation, barriers to successful implementation and their removal of these obstacles. 10 pgs, bibliography lists 8 sources.
  • Pages: 10
  • Bibliography: 8 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 12124 Total Quality Management.doc
  • Price: US$89.50

7. 12436 From Quality To Business Success.

This three-page paper is a summary of the article titled, 'From Quality to Business Success' written by Tom Toarmina which appeared in April issue of Quality Progress Journal. The writer has emphasized the importance of integrating quality management tools in a company's management strategy in order to ensure overall success. 3 pgs, bibliography lists 1 source.
  • Pages: 3
  • Bibliography: 1 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 12436 Quality Business Success.doc
  • Price: US$26.85

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