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1. 11526 Accounting for the Rise of Segregation in the American South.

In this essay, the history of post-Civil War slavery is described in relation to political and economic changes that altered the traditional structures of American southern societies. While slavery was officially abolished, the fundamental beliefs about the role of the African American in "white" society remained entrenched in Southern communities. This paper describes how racial segregation has developed in the American South from mid-19th century efforts to restructure the relations of (former) African American slaves in contexts of agricultural changes, economic demands, and deeply-seated beliefs about racial superiority. In some ways, the abolition of slavery can be seen as producing an alternate system of racist oppressions that persist to this day in the American South. 15 pgs. 19 sources.
  • Pages: 15
  • Bibliography: 19 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 11525 Rise of Segregation.doc
  • Price: US$134.25

2. 2441 Afro Americans: The Civil Rights Movement 1948 - 1980.

The focus of this paper is the relationship between the Civil Rights movement and the American political establishment. This paper looks at the variety of reactions from Democrats, Republicans, from State and Federal politicians and political bodies that became part of the drama that characterized the Civil Rights Movement. 11 pgs. 11 f/c. 11b.
  • Pages: 11
  • Bibliography: 11 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2441 Civil Rights Movement.doc
  • Price: US$98.45

3. 2191 The Personal, the Political and Civil Rights.

This paper discusses the phrase "the personal is political. The views of Catriona Sandilands, Warren Magnusson, Craig Jenkins, Doug McAdam and Angela Davis are looked at, as well as some of their published work. 9.5 pgs. 13 f/c. 6b.
  • Pages: 9.5
  • Bibliography: 6 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2191 Civil Rights Politics.doc
  • Price: US$85.02

4. 4009 A Contrast and Comparison of Martin Luther king Jr. and Malcolm X.

This paper will focus on the contrasts and comparisons of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Their messages of freedom will be discussed and how they are different and alike. The more militant style of Malcolm X will contrasted with the Love objective of Martin Luther King Jr. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 10
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 4009 Comparison King Malcolm.doc
  • Price: US$89.50

5. 9485 Martin Luther King Jr.'s arguments in his essay "A Letter from the Birmingham Jail".

This five-page undergraduate paper analyzes the arguments in martin Luther king Jr.'s arguments in the favor of an organized and peaceful civil disobedience. 5 pgs. No sources listed.
  • Pages: 5
  • Bibliography: 0 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9485 Letter Birmingham Jail.doc
  • Price: US$44.75

6. 9825 An Analysis of Themes in The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X.

This paper will discuss the main themes that are covered I the work The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X. By understanding the main ideas behind his view on racism in America, we can see the different view of a black that fought hard for equal rights within the period of the Civil Rights Era. Some of the basics precepts his work will be examined, as well as the core ideas that represent his thought in the struggle equality of the races in the United States. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.
  • Pages: 4
  • Bibliography: 1 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9825 Analysis Themes Malcolm.doc
  • Price: US$35.80

7. 9827 An Analysis of Martin Luther King's: Letter from Birmingham Jail.

This paper will discuss why Martin Luther King wrote the Letter from Birmingham Jail, and how it was affected by his incarceration from protesting in the South. By understanding the message that his letter tells us we will realize the ramifications of this letter in the scope of injustice that is so common during this period of time with blacks in the Civil Rights Movement. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.
  • Pages: 3
  • Bibliography: 1 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9827 Letter Birmingham Jail.doc
  • Price: US$26.85

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