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1. 2453 Danticat's Novel as a Form of Victimization.

This paper discusses "Breath, Eyes, Memory" as well as the violence, oppression and alienation that are embedded within the colonial experience. 8.5 pgs. 6 f/c. 4b.
  • Pages: 8.5
  • Bibliography: 4 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2453 Form of Victimization.doc
  • Price: US$76.07

2. 2051 The Social and Economic Institution of Slavery.

The purpose of this paper is to examine some of the key parameters of the social and economic institution of slavery as it historically originated and compare these with Plato's theoretical understanding and justification of the practice particularly as this is presented in his Republic. To this end, this paper will begin, first, by looking at a definition of slavery and then go on to suggest how this is compatible with the extensive range of variation which characterizes this institution both between different cultures and over time. Secondly, the paper will turn to analyze Plato's concept of slavery focusing specifically on the importance he draws between reason and `unreason'. Finally, a brief conclusion will seek to draw from the foregoing some important implications concerning the currently received interpretation about the nature of modernity. 9 pgs. 10 f/c. 4b.
  • Pages: 9
  • Bibliography: 4 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2051 Social Economic Slavery.doc
  • Price: US$80.55

3. 2052 John W. Blassingame's The Slave Community.

This paper discusses and reviews the significance of John W. Blassingame's work The Slave Community. 2.5 pgs. 1 f/c. 1b.
  • Pages: 2.5
  • Bibliography: 1 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2052 The Slave Community.doc
  • Price: US$22.38

4. 2200 Lincoln's Position on Slavery Before 1861.

This essay discusses how Lincoln was against slavery and believed it to be morally unsound. This paper also highlight the sentiments of the time. 3 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.
  • Pages: 3
  • Bibliography: 0 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2200 Lincoln Position Slavery.doc
  • Price: US$26.85

5. 2249 African American Abolitionists.

This short essay looks at the different African American Abolitionists and their messages. 3 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.
  • Pages: 3
  • Bibliography: 0 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2249 African American Abolitionists.doc
  • Price: US$26.85

6. 2256 Douglass, Whitman and Their Narratives.

This paper explores the contradictions in American history and society by looking at the personal experiences of Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman. 3 pgs. 2 f/c. 2b.
  • Pages: 3
  • Bibliography: 2 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2256 Douglass Whitman Narratives.doc
  • Price: US$26.85

7. 2362 Mothers, Families and Slavery in Uncle Tom's Cabin.

This paper discusses how Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin shows how slavery affects mothers and families in different ways. More than anything else, the system of slavery inflicted the tragedy of forcible separation on family members, especially mothers from children. And yet, within this tragedy, there were instances of luck and redemption, as some victims proved to be survivors. 5 pgs. 7 f/c. 2b.
  • Pages: 5
  • Bibliography: 2 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 2362 Uncle Tom's Cabin.doc
  • Price: US$44.75

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