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If you are having trouble tackling your essay topic then we want to offer you some extra help.  Here are the various types of essays out there and examples of each.  Please follow the appropriate links to find out about your type of essay:

 List of Essay Types

1.  Analysis of a Book
This subject deals with a 3rd party person expressing what they feel about the piece they have just read. You might ask yourself "Do I agree with what I just read? If not why not ?" You can think of the characters or about the story of the book. Whatever you write forms the initial steps of a review.

2.  Argumentative Essays
In order to write an argumentative essay you have to have good knowledge of both sides of the debate. In order to best make your case you should support what you write with good evidence.

3.  Expository Essays
Expository essays are used to explain the subject matter, from a bi-partisan point of view. It gives the reader the most information so he or she can make up their own mind.

4.  Analytical Essays
You collect evidence that supports your point of view and then build your argument based on that. Analytical essays are best examplied by an example: "Write up your goals on a chart or spreadsheet and energize these goals to make them happen."

5.  Persuasive Essays
Persuasive essays set out to persuade the reader that their view on a particular subject is correct. You would set out to build the thesis by establishing 3 or 4 main points. Then pull in market research and other authoritative sources to back these up.

6.  Informal Essays
Informal essays are written more from a fun point of view. Here you are free to use your imagination and write in a relaxed frame of mind. You are totally at liberty to express yourself quite freely in this type of essay.

7.  Review Essays
Review essays are based upon your view on a subject. When you do express your opinion in the essay, be sure to back them up with researched facts. So you might be writing up about a play or a film you have seen recently. You would create your review perhaps as a gathering of thoughts you had watching the film. Then you would organsie them into a well-constructed review.

8.  Research Papers
Research papers are very specific. They start with the topic in hand and establish why research needs to be carried out. Why would anyone be interested in the topic?. Building up the background and presenting why it needs researched, is the main challenge of a research piece. The thesis will then develop 2 or 3 points of view supporting the premise of the research. These will each be backed up by references usually in quotes, for further reading.




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